Studying Anxiety, Doctors Discovered This incredible trick

People are motivated to work out for many different reasons: To lose weight, to gain muscle mass or to improve their overall health.

Now, there is another reason for more people to exercise regularly.
Regular Exercise Reduces Anxiety!

In February 2010, The University of Georgia released a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine that proved regular exercise can significantly reduce anxiety for patients suffering from chronic illness.
Their research examined the results of 40 randomized clinical trials; in total, almost 3,000 patients were studied.

These patients suffered from a variety of medical conditions, including heart disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer and chronic arthritis pain.

The findings showed that regular exercise led to a 20 percent reduction in patient anxiety.

In 90 percent of the trials, the patients assigned to a regular exercise regimen reported fewer symptoms of anxiety than the control
group. Other factors that influenced results were the length of the individual workouts’ and the duration of the overall exercise program, with sessions lasting longer than 30 minutes and 3-12 week programs being the most effective at reducing patient anxiety.

Researchers noted that participants were less likely to stick to the exercise programs that lasted longer than 12 weeks, which suggests that staying dedicated to a workout regime can also help improve
patients’ feelings of anxiousness.

This study’s findings olfer an inexpensive, effective way to treat patient anxiety. “Our work supports the use of exercise to treat a variety of physical and mental health conditions, with less risk of adverse events than medication,” says study co-author Rod Dishman.

Now, there is one more reasonfor individuals to hit the gym!


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