Arm Yourself With This Tactic

A pair of well-developed upper arms is an attractive symbol of masculinity along with broad shoulders and a ripped midsection.
Learn how you can add some size to your upper arms in only one month’s time!

Save your lower rep training for compound exercises.
Bench presses, military presses, rows and pulldowns use multiple joints to distribute the stress of the exercise and are better suited
for sets of six repetitions or less. And since your biceps and triceps are already involved in those exercises, it isn in your best interest to go a bit lighter and work your arms using a different rep scheme.

The speed of each repetition should allow you to complete the movement without any heaving, jerking or added momentum.
Each rep should look just like the previous one — controlled and devoid of excessive body movement.
A cadence of two seconds each to raise and lower the weight should suffice.

You should split your workout up so that you train your arms by themselves twice per week and the rest of your body twice per week, alternating a day of rest between each workout.

Repeat this sequence
Monday — Arms
Tuesday — Rest
Wednesday — Upper & Lower Body
Thursday — Rest
Saturday — Rest
Sunday — Upper & Lower Body
Monday – Rest

My Upper & lower Body Workout:
Barbell Squats — Five sets of five repetitions
Romanian Deadlifts — Four sets of 6-10 repetitions
Standing Calf Raises — Four sets of 12-15 repetitions
Dumbbell Bench Presses — Five sets of 5 repetitions
Underhand Pulldowns — Five sets of 6-10 repetitions
Seated Dumbbell Presses — Five sets of five repetitions
Seated Cable Rows — Four sets of 6-10 repetitions
Weighted Crunches — Five sets of 15-20 repetitions.

This is a specialization program, which is a concentrated effort to increase the size of one
bodypart, while maintaining development in the rest of your body.

Be sure to get adequate rest with a solid eight hours of sleep each night. Also, you must eat a healthy daily diet, consuming one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight and avoiding empty calories from junk food.

Above all else, maintain a positive attitude about your body. and training. Believe that with every workout you are one step closer to reaching your fitness goals.

The success you achieve with your body starts in your mind. Good luck!

Photo by hoshi7

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